Ventura Transfer Company’s New Image Breaks Through The Clutter

  • Posted Dec 18, 2003

Ventura Transfer Company’s New Image Breaks Through The Clutter

A staple of California’s transit industry is no longer a best kept secret.

Ventura Transfer Company (VTC) announced today that they are rolling out the company’s new national brand initiative in January, 2004. The initiative is part of an overall strategy to better communicate to its customers and prospects the company’s commitment to superior customer-centered and cost-effective transloading and transportation solutions. Overall, the initiative features a bold and focused new logo, web site and corporate communications materials.

“We are very pleased with the direction of the new brand,” said Brian buy ativan us Oken, Ventura Transfer Company’s President and CEO. “With the company and industry changing so rapidly over the last couple of years, and with so many internal and external systems being added to our offering, we felt that it was time for our brand to be updated to better reflect who we are today.”

The company’s new corporate web site will be introduced to the public in several phases, the first phase will be launched in January and will contain general information about the company and its core capabilities. Subsequent phases will be rolled out starting in the Spring of 2004 and will include web and wireless tracking capabilities, vehicle dispatch, as well as mission-critical accounting functions such as billing and collections. This site was designed to be a time and money saving tool for VTC’s customers and prospects. It aims to satisfy needs of both industry novices as well as experienced shippers and consignees.

Ventura Transfer Company, a privately held and family owned and operated business, hired its first ‘outside’ President in the winter of 2001. Brian Oken, now it President and CEO, was recruited to develop measurable strategies focused on expanding operational growth beyond the existing 11 western states, enhanced customer-centric programs and improved outbound communication. Additionally, Oken worked with the company’s Executive team to reshape the company’s policies and procedures as well as re-define the role the staff plays in achieving the aforementioned initiatives.

“Ventura Transfer Company has an extremely stable foundation and one of the best balance sheets in the industry,” continued Oken. “Currently, we operate predominately in 11 western states and we are aggressively looking at emerging markets and new geographic locations. We see this initiative as the first step in building brand awareness and continue to look for new ways to offer our customers the highest quality service and competitive pricing.”

“Traditionally, Ventura Transfer Company has kept a low profile, but the reality is that we were one of the first in our industry and now we are one of the strongest, “ said Ventura Transfer Company’s Board Chairman, Randall Clifford. “Today, VTC offers the most rail spots West of the Mississippi, and our client roster is comprised of some the Fortune 100’s elite.”

Founded in the 1860s, and named for the city where it began, Ventura Transfer Company (VTC) is the oldest bulk handling transportation company in California. Today, VTC is headquartered in Long Beach, California owning and operating a network of railcar transfer terminals in California and Arizona that deliver bulk commodities throughout the United States. In addition, VTC owns two warehouse locations in the Los Angeles area, and a full-service ISO container depot located in Southern California. For more information please visit