Ventura Transfer Company Waxes Efficient For Chemact Petrochemicals

  • Posted Mar 20, 2007

Los Angeles, CA – August 2, 2007 — Ventura Transfer Company (VTC), a pioneer in the transloading and distribution of bulk products shipped throughout the United States, is working with ChemAct (Liaoning) Petrochemicals Ltd., a leading manufacturer & exporter of petroleum chemicals, fine chemicals, paraffin wax, waxes, and candles.

For this job, ChemAct selected VTC to transport wax from an offsite location to its plants located on the west coast. The wax will be used to coat boxes that will eventually contain perishable food items for shipment to grocery stores around the country. Without proper wax insulation, the boxes are subject to poor temperature control and leakage as the contents defrosts. Because the wax is in direct contact with food for human consumption, it requires special handling.

The wax must be maintained at 150 degrees to ensure generic ativan online that the viscosity is at the optimum level for transloading, thereby reducing heel, and avoiding valve problems. VTC’s specialized handling ensures the material is transported and unloaded properly each time, avoiding significant delays in delivery. Further, if the proper procedure is not followed contamination could occur.

About Ventura Transfer Company
Ventura Transfer Company, headquartered in Long Beach, California manages the transloading and distribution of products shipped in bulk throughout the United States. Founded in the 1860s, it was the first bulk handling and transportation company in California. The Company operates a full-service tank container depot in Los Angeles, including rail yards servicing major west coast lines, a bulk transloading and transportation terminal in Arizona, and two warehouse locations in the Los Angeles area. For more information, visit

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