Ventura Transfer Company Transloads Latex For Air Products

  • Posted Jul 28, 2007

Los Angeles, CA – July 13, 2007 — Ventura Transfer Company (VTC), a pioneer in the transloading and distribution of bulk products shipped throughout the United States, today announced a relationship with Air Products for the efficient transloading of thousands of gallons of latex for residential and commercial paint. Six major paint brands will use the latex on the West Coast.

The number of loads varies from 20/25 loads each month to up to 40 loads in the summer. Each load will be transloaded from railcar to truck for distribution at a VTC facility. Latex is a substance that requires specific training to handle properly given its thick and sticky nature. Hoses need to be washed and used in specific buy ativan ways to ensure that the material maintains its integrity. VTC’s transloaders have all been trained in the proper handling of thousands of substances, both benign and hazardous.

About Ventura Transfer Company
Ventura Transfer Company, headquartered in Long Beach, California manages the transloading and distribution of products shipped in bulk throughout the United States. Founded in the 1860s, it was the first bulk handling and transportation company in California. The Company operates a full-service tank container depot in Los Angeles, including rail yards servicing major west coast lines, a bulk transloading and transportation terminal in Arizona, and two warehouse locations in the Los Angeles area. For more information, visit

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