Ventura Transfer Company Releases Guidelines for Driver Safety. Terrorism still a reality for U.S. truckers

  • Posted Jun 08, 2003


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, JUNE 2003 — Ventura Transfer Company (VTC) announces their Security Tactics Against Terrorism plan. The plan, known internally as ”STAT”, is a combination of industry standards and experienced-based guidelines that VTC has identified as critical steps to ensuring the safety of their drivers, equipment and loads.

“Security is one of the biggest concerns of our industry at the moment,” said Brian Oken, President of Ventura Transfer Company. “The intelligence community has shared that various terrorist operatives have explored the use of trucks as weapons of mass destruction. At VTC we believe it is our responsibility to reassure our customers, drivers and the people we share the road with that we have a sound plan in place to secure our vehicles, cargo and storage facilities.”

The STAT Plan:

  1. All VTC terminals must be locked and secured during non-business hours.
  2. Drivers of loaded trailers that are stopped in transit or held overnight must ensure that outlets are cable sealed (not tin sealed).
  3. All tractors must be double-checked to ensure that they are securely locked before a terminal is closed for the night.
  4. Drivers must maintain regular 2-way communication and ensure tracing capability.
  5. Drivers are trained to report any suspicious activities to the local police, and to disclose information only to individuals with proper clearance.
  6. Drivers should always cable seal all tankcars when not being uploaded and all information must be documented.
  7. Tractor doors must be locked, and all trailer and container doors are secured.

Other “Common Sense” Guidelines Include:

Whenever possible, drivers should: vary their route, park in areas where other truckers are present, never stop on dark roadways or in deserted areas while waiting to make buy ativan cheap deliveries, use reputable truck stops along the driver’s route and go directly to the delivery point without making any stops. Never park in unsecured areas such as parking lots or malls, always be aware of vehicles that are following drivers and of strangers asking questions. Be suspicious of individuals who ask drivers to stop as a result of an alleged traffic accident, never pick up hitchhikers and always remain aware of their surroundings.

“We’ve had a lot of these procedures and systems in place for a long time, and although our nations threat level recently (6/2/03) reduced from HIGH (condition orange) to ELEVATED (condition yellow) we at VTC don‘t want to take anything for granted,“ said Greg Clifford, Vice President of Operations.

“This is no time to be complacent with regards to security, safety or terrorism,” added Oken.

Ventura Transfer Company (VTC), headquartered in Long Beach, California manages the handling and distribution of products shipped in bulk. In addition to providing two full service ISO Container depots in California, VTC also has a network of nine railcar transfer terminals in California and Arizona that deliver bulk commodities throughout the United States. Additionally, the company has two warehouse locations in the Los Angeles area. Founded in 1869, VTC is the leader in long-term customer relationships. VTC has one of the most distinguished records for safety in the industry, and is the only company to win the coveted California Trucking Association’s Board of Directors Grand Trophy, two years in a row.

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