Ventura Transfer Company® Called on to Prevent Leak of Hazardous Chemical at Long Beach Rail Yard

  • Posted Nov 12, 2006


Repair was Safely Made with no Damage to
Environment or Personnel

Los Angeles, CA – November 2, 2006— Ventura Transfer Company (VTC) (, a leader in the transloading and distribution of bulk products shipped throughout the United States, was called on by a large, nationally known hauler to fix leaks in several tanks in the rail yard at the Port of Long Beach. The tanks contained Isoprene, a highly hazardous and corrosive chemical that if inhaled could cause severe respiratory damage. Handling Isoprene requires HAZMAT certification and special training.

Ventura Transfer Company responded immediately by sending a team to evaluate the situation. Although not specifically in the environmental clean-up industry, VTC takes its commitment to the community and the environment very seriously. VTC removed the leaking tank and took it to their yard for repair. By evening, two additional tanks were leaking. The specially trained VTC team arrived in complete HAZMAT gear and was able to quickly evaluate the situation.

“This type of thing doesn’t happen regularly, but it does happen. The customer in this cheapest ativan online case did everything right, you never know when a part might fail, said Dino DiCicco, VTC transportation and logistics manager. ”Although this is not our primary business, we are available 24/7 to help a customer. Our staff is trained to handle just about any kind of hazardous substance emergency.”

The VTC team determined that the manlid gasket and safety valve needed to be replaced.

This required opening the manlid and potentially exposing the crew to the highly corrosive and respritory damaging chemical. Because of their training and safety gear, the parts were replaced with no effects on the environment or repair crew.

About Ventura Transfer Company
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