The Value of Rail

One of the secrets of the company’s success in providing faster shipments at lower costs is its expertise with rail systems. Rail is faster, safer and more cost-effective than ever. With over 500 rail spots, from which it transports and transloads a wide variety of materials, no other company is able to leverage rail’s advantages like VTC.

Because of VTC’s strength in this area many of their customers who used to make extensive use of trucks, now rely heavily on rail transportation. Rail shipments have proven so successful for so many customers that approximately 90% of the material VTC ships is transported by rail for at least some of its journey.

It’s easy to see why rail is proving so popular. Rail cars are exceptionally economical for many types of shipping. These cars can hold up to 30,000 gallons of materials — the same amount as four separate trucks. And rail shipments can be traced with great accuracy, 24 hours a day.

Rail offers other advantages, too. Using rail avoids the shortcomings of trucks, such as mechanical breakdowns. And rail shipments, unlike truck shipments, can travel in any kind of weather.

Railcars provide an economical means of storage, as well. It is much less expensive to hold the material in a rail car for temporary storage than a tank trailer or storage tanks.

Impressive Rail Resources

With more than 500 rail spots, customers benefit greatly from
VTC’s unparalleled access to the extensive resources of the BNSF, Union Pacific, RailAmerica, Los Angeles Junction Railway and
other railroads that operate in the western states.

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