Hurricane Preparedness List

  • Posted Oct 28, 2006

Hurricane Preparedness List

It is generally acknowledged that lack of preparedness is one of the most easily avoided aspects of Hurricane damage. We were all affected by last year’s Hurricanes and if anything positive came out of it; it must be the determination to be prepared.

Ventura Transfer Company has prepared a list of simple rules to help your shipper and transporter prepare for Hurricane season even if you’re not in Hurricane territory.

  1. Don’t wait for a Hurricane warning to be issued before you pay attention. Get a Hurricane tracking chart and place it public view. Everyone should be aware of possible danger zones. Assign one person to be in charge of updating the chart.
  2. Once Hurricane season begins, create an emergency plan with your carrier and transloaders. Include possible alternate routes, storage facilities and expanded timelines. This is a good time to review safety policies.
  3. Check in with all parties to review plan implementation 4-5 days prior to beginning transloading or transfer projects.
  4. If possible, secure forward storage of at least two weeks worth of material.
  5. Make sure that the end users are notified of the possibility of delay due to Hurricanes, so that buy ativan uk they can top off material.
  6. Make sure you have accurate contact information, including cell phone numbers, for everyone in the supply chain.
  7. Establish a customer forward person who is responsible for coordinating and disseminating information. This person should also be prepared to create emergency customer service centers.
  8. Set up a plan to allow your carrier to make some decisions on your behalf for delivery and customer service in your absence. This is where having a plan prior to trouble really pays off. Everyone in the supply chain should know what to do.
  9. As soon as the danger has passed, assess the damage and report status to interested parties.
  10. Keep in close touch with your carriers and customers to make sure they are safe. They want to know that they are important to you.

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