The Leader in Safety Standards

Safety is more important than ever — for companies whose products are shipped, and for the company that ships them. Rigorous safety standards protect lives and property while, at the same time, helping to reduce liability and insurance costs. And no distribution company can match the record of VTC, the most honored bulk handling company in the Western United States.

In every area, from the quality and maintenance of equipment, to programs that ensure the company’s drivers receive the best training available, VTC exceeds industry safety standards.

Unequaled Safety Ratings

VTC is one of just a handful of companies to achieve satisfactory ratings during seven consecutive DOT safety audits.

The company has also earned the highest ratings allowed during the five DOT audits it has had in the last 20 years. In addition, it is the only company to receive the California Trucking Association’s Board of Directors Grand Trophy for Safety 2 consecutive years. For more online information contact Jim Cheney (310) 549-1660 x303.

Security Tactics Against Terrorism (STAT)

To further enhance security, the company recently established its Security Tactics Against Terrorism (STAT) plan. The plan is a combination of industry standards and common sense guidelines that the company has identified as critical steps to ensuring the safety of drivers, equipment and loads. It focuses on such matters as locking and securing equipment, maintenance of 2-way communication and tracing capabilities, and being alert to any suspicious activities.

VTC: The Industry’s Safety Troubleshooter

Because of VTC’s outstanding reputation for safety, the company receives frequent requests from safety and regulatory agencies for information about its safety and training procedures. The DOT Federal Highway Administration and major railroads regularly consult with the company regarding ISO container problems and/or challenges.

Outstanding safety pays off for everyone—enhancing your company’s reputation for safe, secure transportation, and lowering costs because of the lower insurance premiums safe drivers enjoy.