Ventura’s new look : As seen in Hazardous Cargo Bulletin

  • Posted Jan 04, 2004

Hazardous Cargo Bulletin
Jan 2004

Ventura’s new look

Ventura Transfer Company (VTC), the California-headquartered transporter and warehouse and depot operator, has rolled out a new branding initiative. The initiative features a new black and yellow logo – a bold ‘V’ encircled in a thick band – a new web site and corporate communications materials.

The company says the initiative is part of an overall strategy to better communicate to its customers and prospects the advantages of its transloading and transport solutions. VTC is one of the only operators in the US that specializes in tank containers for domestic transport, and in a recent interview with the Bulletin, VTC executives expressed optimism that demand for domestic ISO tank transport would rise, and said VTC is seeking to expand its activities in that area (HCB September 2003, page 39).

VTC operates a tank container depot in Long Beach, California within minutes of the Long Beach and Los Angeles harbors. The company, which has a history dating back to 1869, also has a fleet of stainless tank trailers, a network of nine railcar transfer terminals in California and Arizona, and two warehousing and packaging buy lorazepam 1mg facilities in the Los Angeles area.

“We are very pleased with the direction of the new brand,” says Brian Oken, VTC’s president and chief executive. “Currently, we operate predominantly in 11 western states and we are aggressively looking at emerging markets and new geographic locations. We see this initiative as the first step in building brand awareness and continue to look for new ways to offer our customers the highest quality service and competitive pricing.”

The company’s new corporate website will be introduced to the public in several phases. The first phase will be launched in January and will contain general information about the company and its core capabilities. Subsequent phases will be rolled out starting in the spring of 2004 and will include web and wireless tracking capabilities, vehicle dispatch utilities, and accounting functions such as billing and collections tools.
“This site was designed to be a time and money saving tool for VTC’s customers and prospects,” says Oken. “It aims to satisfy needs of both industry novices as well as experienced shippers and consignees.”

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