Ventura Transfer Company - Transloading and Bulk Transportation Liquid and Dry Bulk Trucking

Unmatched experience across all
modes of transportation.

Proximity—strategically close to ports, railways, Interstates… Relationships—in tune, in touch and in sync with the railroads and steamship lines… Facilities—all capabilities: HAZMAT, tank cleaning inside and out, steam heating… Innovation—customized equipment for material handling, for spill prevention, a go-the extra-mile attitude...

VTC's rail resources are unmatched among non-rail shipping companies. Plus, their vast trucking resources give customers a strategic edge and cost advantage in meeting their bulk handling and distribution needs. Boasting an exceptional safety record, VTC consistently transports the highest payloads allowed without incident, and is the only company on the West Coast capable of lifting and storing fully loaded ISO containers of hazardous materials.

The company’s advanced communications backbone—including in-cab satellite communications—allows real-time tracking of inventory and shipments 24/7. With a single call, VTC’s customers gain access to critical information regarding the status of their load.