Expertise & Safety

VTC’s wide range of expertise, equipment, and services ensures transloading safety and efficiency.

Product Heating – Heating the product accelerates the transloading of slow-flowing liquids and helps cut costs.

Dry Air System – 99% of hazardous chemicals can be compressed with a dry air system. VTC uses a dry air system heat exchanger systems to provide dry air in order to pressurize tank cars for transloading thereby preventing moisture.

Desiccated Compressed Air – Desiccated air filters on VTC’s air delivery systems reduce the moisture in the air by over 90% and prevent moisture contamination of your materials.

Lab Analysis – VTC saves time for customers by obtaining nationally respected 2nd party lab analysis of shipping contents and pre-qualifying the contents prior to arrival at its final destination.

Portable Air Compressors – Enable the company to service tank cars wherever they are parked. Use of these mobile compressors reduces the risk of spills or contamination by eliminating extra hose hook-ups that are required with pumping systems.

Hazardous Material Handling – With vast experience in handling hazardous materials — on site and in transit —VTC’s outstanding highway safety record enables customers to ship hazardous materials with complete confidence.