Packaging Warehouse

Safe and Secure Packaging Services

VTC’s Long Beach, California location offers customers a reliable packaging and transloading center. This well-equipped facility provides short-term storage for packaged goods that are going to be transloaded into a truck or railcar and for products packaged from a railcar or bulk truck.

A pioneer of the bulk transloading facility, VTC provides the efficient transfer to or from railcars to trucks, Gaylord boxes, semi-bulk, Ativan; no prescription needed bags and sea bulk containers. VTC also repackages into fifty-five-gallon drums, totes and ISO tank containers. Our on-site packaging process ensures that all products leave the company’s warehouse safe and contaminate-free. Together with the facility, VTC’s processes enable customers to optimize efficiency for their domestic and international bulk shipments. The bottom line is we can convert from just about any type of package to another.