Tour of Lift Truck Duty: As seen in Material Handling Management

  • Posted Jun 10, 2004

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Los desafíos después de llegar a puerto: As seen in Petroleo Internacional

  • Posted Apr 10, 2004

Petroleo Internacional Apri/Mayl 2004 Los desafíos después de llegar a puerto Los derivados del petróleo enfrentan numerosos desafíos antes de llegar al cliente final. El aumento de la seguridad en puertos norteamericanos implica que los embarques pueden demorarse más. Perfil …

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Customer survey reveals transloading challenges : As seen in Bulk Distributor

  • Posted Apr 04, 2004

Bulk Distributor April 2004 Customer survey reveals transloading challenges At the beginning of this year, Ventura Transfer Company, the Long Beach, California-headquartered bulk transfer specialists and tank container depot operator, launched a new branding initiative, aimed at projecting the company’s …

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Rebranding Initiative : As seen in Inbound Logistics

  • Posted Jan 08, 2004

Inbound Logistics Feb 2004 Rebranding Initiative Ventura Transfer Company (VTC) is launching its new national brand initiative with a new web site to be introduced in several phases. The first phase contains general information about the company and its core …

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Ventura’s new look : As seen in Hazardous Cargo Bulletin

  • Posted Jan 04, 2004

Hazardous Cargo Bulletin Jan 2004 Ventura’s new look Ventura Transfer Company (VTC), the California-headquartered transporter and warehouse and depot operator, has rolled out a new branding initiative. The initiative features a new black and yellow logo – a bold ‘V’ …

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Ventura Transfer Company’s New Image Breaks Through The Clutter

  • Posted Dec 18, 2003

Ventura Transfer Company’s New Image Breaks Through The Clutter A staple of California’s transit industry is no longer a best kept secret. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – LONG BEACH, CALIF – DECEMBER 2003 – Ventura Transfer Company (VTC) announced today that …

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NO ONE-HORSE FIRM…Carson Company grew strong from simple roots : As seen in the Daily Breeze

  • Posted Sep 25, 2003

Daily Breeze Business Monday Feature September 15, 2003 By Peter Sanders Daily Breeze NO ONE-HORSE FIRM Carson Company grew strong from simple roots Although Ventura Transfer Co. lists its address on heavily traveled 223rd Street in Carson, the family-owned business …

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Time for take-off? As seen in Hazardous Cargo Bulletin

  • Posted Sep 22, 2003

Hazardous Cargo Bulletin September 2003 Time for take-off? The US market is renowned for its slow adaptation of tank container transport—a primary mode in most other parts of the world. But one bulk transloading and transportation company on the US …

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Los Angeles Business Journal : As seen in the Los Angeles Business Journal

  • Posted Sep 20, 2003

Los Angeles Business Journal: SMALL BUSINESS PROFILE: The Long Haul The Clifford family turned to an experienced executive to run the 130-year-old Long Beach transportation company that’s been in family hands since the 1950s By MARGOT CARMICHAEL LESTER Contributing Reporter …

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Transport Topics: Getting Aggressive About Security

  • Posted Jul 05, 2003

Transport Topics July 14, 2003 Getting Aggressive About Security By Brian Oken President and CEO, Ventura Transfer Company The transportation industry has never been without challenges — ours is an industry that is extraordinarily complex and vital to the economy. …

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