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Ventura Transfer Company Waxes Efficient For Chemact Petrochemicals

Los Angeles, CA – August 2, 2007 — Ventura Transfer Company (VTC), a pioneer in the transloading and distribution of bulk products shipped throughout the United States, is working with ChemAct (Liaoning) Petrochemicals Ltd., a leading manufacturer & exporter of …

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  • Posted Mar 20, 2007

New VTC Storage Lot

VTC has recently completed construction on a new parking lot for empty units on the North end of the headquarters facility. The parking lot will hold up to 20 units and will greatly relieve congestion and allow for greater maneuverability …

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  • Posted Mar 17, 2007

VTC Keeps an Eye on Safety

In an ongoing effort to ensure maximum safety and security for drivers, customers and citizens, VTC participates in seminars, conferences and training programs to stay up to date on the latest issues, techniques and safety procedures. We have just completed …

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  • Posted Mar 10, 2007

Kudos For Outstanding Efforts

KUDOS FOR OUTSTANDING EFFORTS Thank you to driver Mario Ayala, who was given accolades by VTC client AM & Associates for a job well done. Mario’s professionalism was noticed and appreciated. We also heard from our contact at Stolt. He …

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  • Posted Mar 10, 2007

Ventura Transfer Company® Builds First State-of-the- Art Hazardous Material Facility; Adds 30 New Railspots in Carson Location

VENTURA TRANSFER COMPANY® BUILDS FIRST STATE-OF-THE- ART HAZARDOUS MATERIAL FACILITY; ADDS 30 NEW RAILSPOTS IN CARSON LOCATION Los Angeles, CA – November 20, 2006— Ventura Transfer Company (VTC), a leader in the transloading and distribution of bulk products shipped throughout …

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  • Posted Dec 12, 2006

Ventura Transfer Company® Called on to Prevent Leak of Hazardous Chemical at Long Beach Rail Yard

VENTURA TRANSFER COMPANY® CALLED ON TO PEVENT LEAK OF HAZARDOUS CHEMICAL AT LONG BEACH RAILYARD Repair was Safely Made with no Damage to Environment or Personnel Los Angeles, CA – November 2, 2006— Ventura Transfer Company (VTC) (, a leader …

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  • Posted Nov 12, 2006

Hurricane Preparedness List

Hurricane Preparedness List It is generally acknowledged that lack of preparedness is one of the most easily avoided aspects of Hurricane damage. We were all affected by last year’s Hurricanes and if anything positive came out of it; it must …

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  • Posted Oct 28, 2006

Personnel Announcements At VTC

PERSONNEL ANNOUNCMENTS AT VTC October 11, 2006 – Diana Cuesta has assumed responsibility for Customer Service in addition to her role as Marketing Manager for the company. Customer Service for the Container Depot will also fall under her purview. Steve …

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  • Posted Oct 26, 2006

DuPont Responsible Shipper Award

DuPont Responsible Shipper Award Ventura Transfer Company is proud to announce that they are the recipient of the prestigious DuPont Responsible Shipper Award.  This award recognizes the effort of VTC personnel to go above and beyond to ensure that all …

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  • Posted Oct 15, 2006

VTC Does DVD Series

VTC Does DVD Series September 22, 2006 – Ventura Transfer Company is featured in the new Fleet Executive eLearning Series of DVDs from Fleet Owner Magazine and Big Truck TV. Two clips are available below… Clip 1 | Clip 2 Big Truck …

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  • Posted Sep 16, 2006